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ERMA Energy, energy combining specialist, develops, manufactures and markets intelligent hybrid solutions for producing electricity.

Our solutions are for the following markets: Off-grid, Badgrid, Self-consumption, UPS and Telecoms.

Armed with our Know-How and technical expertise, ERMA Energy offers three ranges of CE certified Catalogue products, manufactured in France.

For specific needs and more power, the Design Office is available to analyse your needs, analyse/write your Specifications and propose/produce a Customized solution.


Founded in 1983 and based in La Teste de Buch, Erma Électronique is a subsidiary of the Charbonnier Group. Specialist in electrical and electronic cables, service provider to industrial key accounts, we design, produce and install assemblies for the civil and military aeronautics, railway and naval transport, aerospace and medical sectors.

In a scrupulous concern for environmental problems, ERMA Électronique created an Energy Department in 2013 and launched an R&D program bearing on the development of hybrid electricity generators.

Our trailer-mounted “Green to Grid” generators were marketed at the end of 2014, followed by our containerised “Green Module” and “Green Station” generators.

Due to the recognition of the quality of these products, and based on a strong distribution network, the decision was made in 2016 to create a full-blown structure. ERMA Energy was born.


In a global sustainable development and energy transition context, ERMA Energy proposes initiatives. By accessing a reliable optimised electricity production and taking into account and respecting natural resources, our hybrid energy combing solutions:

  • Give everybody access to energy: Our solutions are mobile, easy to install and use, economical and can be deployed anywhere.
  • Optimise an existing electricity production or one which is to be built: We can connect any existing source, use it in its optimum operating state and choose the source the best adapted to your need.
  • Secure electricity production: We guarantee continuous and stable electricity production without any variation, loss or stoppage, at all times.
  • Ensure the sustainability of our products: We use quality products and operate them in optimal conditions (power, temperature, charge/discharge, …), which prolongs their lifetime.
  • Respect the environment: Our products reduce carbon emissions and fossil energies, make use of all clean energy sources available (solar, wind, hydrokinetic…) and reduce the environmental impact in terms of installation and maintenance.

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