Ecological - Advantages - Erma Energy

Installation in protected environments (National Parks, Nature Reserves, Refuges): Low impact, compatible with the return to nature at the end of operational life

Adapted to the environment: Sun, Water, Wind, Bio-waste, we favour locally available resources

Intelligent EMS: Management of sources and optimisation of production according to need

Total Absence or Reduction of CO2 emissions: if a genset is used, it will be used in an efficient way

Use of alternative fuels: biofuel or gas (if a thermal source is used)

Bio-waste energy recovery: if energy associated with methanation is used)

Reduced sound emissions: reduced impact on wildlife

Increased lifetime of components

Reduced waste: especially those associated with the use a of a 24/7 genset

Optimisation of existing installations: our solutions can be integrated with equipment already in place

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