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In the video below, we illustrate a need by presenting 3 hybrid systems for producing electricity:

Genset on its own (100% Thermal)

Genset and Batteries (“Save Fuel” Partial Hybridization)

Genset, Batteries and Solar Panels (“Solar” Hybridization)

Solar, wind, hydrokinetic, methanation. There is a wide variety of renewable energy sources out there for producing your own electricity. Each one has its strength and weakness, and it is not easy to be self-sufficient if they are used individually.

Combining them with storage is the lasting solution for hybrid electricity production.

According to the geographical location, grid-supplied electricity can be:

costly (fuel, upkeep, connection), 

defective (discontinuity, instability), 

the cause of pollution (sound, CO2) 

impossible (absent, inaccessible, prohibited).

A hybrid energy system is a solution for producing electricity where several energy sources are combined. This combining is managed by an EMS (Energy Management System) which drives the sources according to their availability, as well as the need. 

ERMA Energy’s hybrid solutions and EMS allow several energy sources to be combined: Solar Photovoltaic, Wind, Hydrokinetic, Genset, Batteries, Grid.

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