Strategic - Advantages - Erma Energy

Self-sufficiency and energy independence: secure installations, controlled response times

Stability and continuity of the electricity supply: Equipment protected, Activities maintained, Uninterrupted Service

Heightened safety for personnel: reduce the frequency of refuelling in severe environments

Reduced logistics: Reduction, or absence of logistic associated with refuelling and maintenance of thermal sources.

Installation in protected environments (National Parks, Nature Reserves, Refuges): Low impact, compatible with the return to nature at the end of operational life

Reduction of production costs (OPEX): less fuel, less maintenance, fewer consumables, no wear

Reduction of sound emissions: discrete, minimum pollution for the neighbourhood

Adapted to your need: Dedicated assessment and specific solution

Scalable: your situation can changed, our products are designed to be adaptable

Eco Label: if you would like ecological visibility

Training and involvement of populations

Optimisation of existing installations: our solutions can be integrated with equipment already in place

Quick and controlled return on investment: No nasty surprises

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